Walther Meyton Cup

The Walther Meyton Cup WMC has been running online since the beginning of August and has already 750 registered participants in 4 categories. At the moment we are in the final spurt. On 25.10. at 24.00 o'clock the countdown will finish. Then the online winners will be announced. Until this day you still have the chance to win or to be among the first 100 to stand in one of the finals live and in real in Munich or Dortmund.

The finals will be shot with WALTHER. For participants who do not yet have a WALTHER, there is the possibility to borrow one. Write an email with your address and phone number to: martini@carl-walther.de. As a special offer there is also the possibility to buy a Walther and get 100€ cash back to the finals in Dortmund or Munich. If you bring your bill and compete with your new equipment, you will get the 100€ cash back on site.

How it works, you can find again here:  CLICK HERE