Successes in Cairo

More than 500 athletes from 64 countries took part at the first ISSF World Cup this year in Cairo. It was a great briefing to feel and test the conditions at the new range where also a World Championships will take place in October.

In total 26 athletes were able to show great success winning medals at ISSF World Cup Cairo with Walther sports guns. As an example and representative of the many successful Walther shooters, we take Jenny Stene from Norway, who took home four ISSF World Cup medals with her KK 500 and LG400E. This great achievement brought the Norway team in the second place of the total medal standing, where first was taken by India, and third by France.

Congratulations to the medal winners, and our big thanks to the many sport shooters who gave their best in Egypt together with Walther Sport guns. We are very proud of every one of our shooters, who dedicated their trust and achieved their goals together with Walther company! We are always here for you, that is our pleasure we can step together with you into the future of success!


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