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Gas/signal guns, CO₂ and softair guns are not produced by Walther but by the company Umarex. Please contact




No, we distribute our products through Walther importers only.


Please select your country under the category BUY, the importer/distributor of Walther products in your country will be shown. They will help you to find a local dealer/gun shop.



You can use this form to receive a direct e-mail reply from us.
We will try to answer your e-mail as quickly as possible. Please keep in mind, however, that we receive a large volume of messages every day and cannot answer each one immediately.
If you have an enquiry about a weapon manufactured under licence (gas signal guns, CO₂ guns or softair guns), it will be automatically forwarded to UMAREX, where they will gladly give you prompt assistance.

Your details are not stored on our online server, but sent directly by e-mail to us.

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You are kindly requested to refrain from inquiries for giveaways (posters, stickers, pens etc.) - unfortunately these cannot be processed due to capacity reasons.

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